Thursday, March 24, 2011

Genealogy Freelancers Announces New Partnership with

Today our new partnership with begins and we couldn’t be more excited to share what Tpstry has to offer with our members.  We believe that the first step to any genealogy journey is the desire to know more and for users that’s exactly where they’re headed. is an innovative concept that brings families together in a fun, safe and unique way.  It starts with the curiosity about family members that have passed away.  Family users enter questions about them and other family members answer with details that paint a picture of who those loved ones were, what they did for a living, their physical features, their likes and dislikes, etc.  Tpstry allows for a place to organize the details of history in a manner that is comprehensible, warm and fun.  It goes beyond social networking, because those that share their stories there do so with a more personal goal to further enrich the lives of those families they wish to connect with.  They are able to share and learn about those people that have made them who they are.  It’s a place where honoring both the deceased and living is accomplished with entire families in on the act.  These stories are then handed down to future generations who add as life goes on.

Partnering with Tpstry was an easy decision for us in that we believe that once any soul shows a desire to learn more of the past they begin the journey in earnest and we know that those users will find Genealogy Freelancers to be a great source to help build those bridges through time.  Our specialists have the capability and the desire to see that the data necessary to create a true history for the family is compiled and sourced for accuracy.  They will now have the ability to go to to collect the information that is crucial to starting any case and once has its gedcom feature in place they’ll also be able to upload and/or download the data they will either retrieve or provide to their client.

We encourage all of our users, both seeker and specialist alike to make use of this wonderful service and to support our endeavors to grow together.  

Both Genealogy Freelancers and Tpstry began their services with the intention of making a positive impact for those who come through their doors and we believe that when two companies have the same initial reason for their beginnings then a partnership can only promote that purity.

So here’s to the future based on the historical past!